Vancouver Island gets ist Own Sugar Daddy Site

Vancouver Island gets ist Own Sugar Daddy SiteWhile Vancouver is known as Canada’s sugar daddy capital Victoria BC and Nanaimo BC may soon overtake it. According to a spokesperson for Vancouver Island Sugar Daddy (, Vancouver Island presents some unique dating logistics. “When you live on Vancouver Island you can’t just look for someone within a radius of 50 kilometers because two thirds of the result you’ll get will be on the mainland. It’s not like you can just nip across and meet someone there for a cup of coffee.” is therefore restricted to Vancouver Island and the gulf islands only and broken down according to island communities. The larger and more populous islands, such as Saltspring, are listed as separate communities in and of themselves. Also smaller, but more isolated communities, such as Port Alice are also listed. That said, there’s nothing to stop someone on Saltspring searching for a sugar daddy or sugar babe in nearby Sidney or Victoria. Members are welcome to contact other members anywhere on the island. Thus far however the site is limited strictly to Vancouver Island.

Sugar DaddyVancouver Island Sugar Daddy also differs from similarly themed sites in that they doesn’t pretend sex isn’t part of the equation. While they have a zero tolerance policy for sexual or harassment of any kind, they don’t sensor profiles for open and candid references to sex unless they are deemed to be abusive or overtly crude. In fact, the site openly states it’s caters to those looking for “Companionship, Financial Security & Sexual Fulfillment”. It’s a place where wealthy men and generally younger women can meet and talk openly about reaching a mutually beneficial arrangement be it for a single evening or a long standing arrangement lasting perhaps years.

How do these arrangements work? Again, according to, there’s as many ways to do this as there are members on the site. Also they say there’s nothing new in this except perhaps that it’s more honest and upfront approach then has historically been the case. Wealthy men have always supported younger women, some have done so by paying their rent, others with gifts like expensive jewelry or clothing, and others with straight up cash. Not all sugar daddy/sugar babe relationships are sexual in nature. In fact Vancouver Island Sugar Daddy gives both parties the option of selecting “Strictly Platonic” as an option. The women on the site are not escorts. Very few of them will accept cash in return for sexual favors or expect to be paid by the hour. That’s really not how this works. It’s about companionship and financial security, sex is often part of that agreement but not the basis of it.

Vancouver Island Sugar Daddy currently has just over one hundred members island wide with more and more signups every day. Given that the site has only been live a matter of months, the owners are very pleased with the results and feel that by summer they may have as many as 500 to 1000 sugar daddies and sugar babes island wide. Currently (January 2018) all memberships are completely free for a full 90 days and at present Vancouver Island Sugar Daddy has no plans to implement paid memberships, hoping instead to cover their costs through other means. So if you live on Vancouver Island, and you’re a sugar daddy looking for a sugar babe, or perhaps a sugar babe looking for a sugar daddy, is the place to be.


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